Monday, November 18, 2013

Metal Clay Monday - Polymer and Metal Clay Mix

I love my polymer clay, especially Sculpey, so I don't plan to abandon my ventures with this versatile medium when my metal clay gets here.  I really want to incorporate Sculpey into my metal clay pieces, so I thought I would show you guys some of the lovely pieces I found on Pinterest that combine metal clay with polymer clay.

These Machu Picchu earrings by Christine Damm are lovely and tribal looking.  I love how the polymer clay adds color to these earrings!   See more of Christine's work on her blog Stories They Tell.  She makes the most lovely textured and colored polymer clay pieces.

How about this wonderful piece by Staci Louise of Staci Louise Originals?  It is wonderful, like all of her other pieces.  The bronze centerpiece is cast from a mold of a real fossil, and the black piece is polymer clay.  She also incorporates drawing as texture with her metal clay work, and I love the handmade and artistic look of them.  I did not realize how much of the pieces I like and have pinned are her pieces until I looked around her shop and blog.  

I also love this ring by Celie Fago.  It is a ring made of PMC and polymer clay.  See the back of the ring HERE.  See more of her work on her website.  Lovely and inspiring!

My loan went through and I got my debit card last week.  I ordered everything I could off my list (and made a list for another day).  I received some of my packages Saturday, and the remainder will be here Wednesday.  I can't wait to get my kiln and get started!  

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