Friday, November 8, 2013

Investing in My Business

We were scheduled, hubby and I, to go to the bank yesterday.  But Brandon went ahead on Wednesday to Regions bank and started the application for my loan.  It's Friday and I now have a checking account set up with $3,500 in it to invest in tools, equipment, materials, and supplies.  Now to make some important lists, narrow down some possibilities, and look around for the best possible prices.  I cannot tell you how nervous, scared, and excited I am to get started.

Okay, fast forward a few hours and I have made my list and am now checking it twice.  It is so hard to work within budget and do everything that needs to be done.  We could have taken more out, but really did not need to.  I have to make it work somehow.

I'll be purchasing a good bit of items, but when I look at everything on a sheet of paper, I cannot believe it is $3000 worth (I will be leaving a $500 cushion just in case).  It seems so crazy, and I will probably spend all of that within a day (or even just a few hours) once I have everything planned out.  I keep going over my list and adjusting, marking an item off or moving it to a "purchase later" list.  So wild!

I will keep a schedule of when I placed my orders and how long it takes them to get here.  It is very likely that I will only have enough clay to make my catalog/display pieces, then have to reorder once I have actual orders placed.  Until I build up a little capital my turn around time will be high.  Maybe my cushion will be used for this and then replaced, but I need the cushion to make my first three months loan payments.  I am just not sure how I will make this work yet, but I am ready to jump in.

As my equipment and supplies come in I will be doing some unboxing on video so you guys can see what I am buying.  I'll share with you a bit about how I set my booklets up too, the lighting I plan to purchase, and some photography tips.  I don't know a lot, but what I do know I will share with you.  :)

Well, wish me luck!  I am off to shop and dream.

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  1. WAHOO Shayna! Congratulations on being brave and working towards your dreams! It is definitely hard work being brave, but so worth it in the end. I continue on in my efforts to be brave.