Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect Packaging - Kraft in Black and White

I have been researching packaging for my Native Bloom line, and I have quite a collection on my Pinterest Perfect Packaging board.  I thought I might sort them into groups and share them, along with a few links so you can try to make some of your own.  

I figured I would start out with one of my most favorite simple combinations - kraft boxes with black and white details.  Here's a perfect package from Grain - the boxes for their Electric Love rings.

These packages by Jessica Rosenkrantz of Nervous System are just right  I love the simple, clean look of the nervous system logo on these kraft boxes.  Try these on your own with these boxes from Rio Grande ($26 - $45 per 100, depending on size) and any one of these custom stamps from Etsy.  Or you could get them printed on with a service like Hot Foil Stamping ($45 for reusable plate, plus $40 for 200 items).   You could also try my silk screen tutorial and print your own.  

How about this listing from the Etsy shop Somerset Market? The cut out lets the texture and color of the product shine through.  And the baker's twine is the perfect touch!

I love this idea from Yours is the Earth.  Just dress up a plain kraft box (like one of  these) with a handmade sign and some washi tape in your choice of colors.  I am quite fond of black and white myself.  

Wouldn't those look lovely with these calligraphy labels from Rad & Happy?  I am totally in love with them!  They are available as an instant digital download for only $6 for the set of three labels ("thanks for your order," "handmade just for you," and "made with love").  Here's a picture of the originals she used to create the digital images.  

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