Thursday, February 27, 2014

Perfect Packaging - Floral Touch Part One

A very simple way to dress up a package is to add a flower to the top.  You can use store bought flowers, or add a handmade touch to your product/gift by making your own.  

Here's a wonderful example from Jennifer of Dear Lillie.  These lovely crepe flowers are the perfect addition to any package.  Check out her Crepe Paper Peony Tutorial to learn how to make them yourself!

How about these die cut felt flowers by Dawn McVey?  I love the little touches she added, like the twine, buttons, and pearls.  I would almost hate to open a package as lovely as this.

These packages by Jolie of Tropical Soup are so pretty!  She used a handmade rosette headband and pretty little hair clips to decorate these presents.  I love the colors and pearls!

These are great too, and you can make your own with wax paper!  Check out this pom pom flower tutorial from Brunch at Saks for instructions and materials.

I think my favorite so far are these packages by Heather of Pretty Petals.  You can purchase the online workshop tutorial from her Etsy shop violetsarebleu and learn how to make all of these for $12.50.  They are so elegant!

So which ones are your favorite?  You can check out more of these finds on my Perfect Packaging board on Pinterest.  If you like what you see here, check out the sidebar and pick a way to follow my blog.  I have lots more Perfect Packaging posts of the way, and some basic jewelry tutorials in the works.  


  1. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love all of your artwork!