Monday, December 2, 2013

Metal Clay Monday - My Supplies

My boxes of amazingness from Rio Grande and Lineco.  The Lineco order was four photography lights, a backdrop stand and backdrops, and all accessories.  I haven't used them yet, but hope to get them out soon.  

One of the four lights.  Two have these square soft boxes and two have white umbrellas for diffusing light.  

Here's a picture of my little ones helping me open some items up.  They were so excited, I guess about as excited as I was.  They found the boxes as entertaining as the contents.  Lula wanted to help me open every little box.  Grayson just wanted to eat the packing peanuts.

I purchased a lot of items from Rio Grande, but the biggest purchase was my Advanced BronzClay and CopprClay Kit.  You can find the item HERE, and below is a list of the items that came with the kit.  Lots of stuff I needed for metal clay work.  

BRONZclay™, 200 grams 
COPPRclay™, 200 grams
Rehydration kit
Rio BRONZclay™/COPPRclay™ tool kit
Double-ended carving tools, set/4
Rio PVC work surface
Pocket needle files, set/6
Rio rotary tumbler
Polishing paper; asst./12
Half-round sanding sticks; set/6
Stainless steel shot
Super Sunsheen burnishing compound; 4 oz.
BRONZclay™/COPPRclay™ carving tools; set/5
Rio Cold Mold™ compound; 1 lb.
Solderite™ shelf kit
Stainless steel firing pan with lid
Firing pan removal fork
Coal-based, acid-washed activated carbon; 5 lbs.
Coconut shell–based carbon; 5 lbs.
Tweezers, 18"L
Rio PMC® kiln, 120V

Here's the tumbler that comes with the kit.

My precious.....I can't wait to fire some pieces in this beauty.  I am running a test fire today, an empty run to burn the binder off and get used to programming the kiln.  I'm working on a video for that, so keep an eye out for it this week.

Some items not from the kit...charcoal block, soldering picks, packaging, embeddables, wax sticks for stone setting.

Some of this clay came with the kit, and I ordered another 400 grams of each.  

More kit contents.  Safety glasses, burnisher, palette knife, Dockyard carvers (Yay!!!!), other items.  

Sanding tools and such.

I wanted to do a video unboxing, but to tell the truth this was just too much stuff!  I was overwhelmed!  So I just snapped a bunch of pictures.

I hope to fire some clay tomorrow or Wednesday, wish me luck!!!!

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