Monday, October 28, 2013

Metal Clay Monday - Patina Queens

Patina - it can transform a piece, change a mood, take you back in time.  I first saw metal clay on Flickr, and Lorena Angulo was an instant favorite artist.  I followed her right away, and I check her blog and photostream frequently for inspiration and to admire the beauty of her creations.  Yeah, I kinda have an artist crush on her.  It's okay, she knows it.  She works wonders with her folk art pieces, most inspired by her Mexican heritage and rich with culture and beauty.  I love her PMC clay pieces best, she makes amazing use of liver of sulphur.  Here is a picture of her piece "Crown Heart" with a lovely rainbow patina from liver of sulphur.  Find more of her work on her blog.

I also love Kristi Bowman's work.  She uses a lot of copper clay, and torch fires her pieces to achieve a heavenly rainbow patina on them.  I am in love with her pieces, and with the beads and other components she uses with them.  She has an excellent eye for color and texture, and makes pieces that take my breath away.  If you are drooling over these components and don't have the set up to create them, check out her Etsy shop; she sells them at very reasonable prices.  You can also purchase her finished jewelry pieces there, and find her designs frequently on the Earrings Every Day blog.

Not enough beautiful for you?  Need more?  Then check out my Pretty Patina Treasury List on Etsy for more gorgeous pieces.  Here's a peek.

Check back with my tomorrow, I will have my first tutorial available for you in blog, video, and PDF form.  

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